Thursday, April 7, 2011

Haley Barbour responds to Speaker Billy McCoy's request, confuses facts

Gov. Haley Barbour (R), a presidential hopeful, has responded to a letter from House Speaker Billy McCoy (D-Rienzi) concerning the remarks made by Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant (R) about 5th Circuit Chief Judge Edith Jones.  Jackson Jambalaya has the letter here.

In the letter, Barbour accuses me of impugning the integrity of the federal court and its senior judge.  Obviously, Barbour's confused, as it was Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant who did the impugning, not me.  For his sake, I hope Barbour surrounds himself with advisors who will help him avoid similar mistakes as he makes his presidential bid.

In the meantime, I'll have a little fun with Barbour's slip up and change the subtitle of the blog up top.


Frederick said...

No Matt, it was you that impugned the integrity of a federal judge. So far, the only 'fact' that is known is that you have reported what you claim to be a conversation that occurred, but have no proof of the conversation. So while you want to paint the picture of LG Bryant as having said something, there is nothing here except for your "reporting". Rumors are cheap. As a famous political sage of MS often said "If you haven't heard a good one by noon, start one." You have started one, and in doing so have impugned the reputation of the federal judiciary. As an officer of the court that should bother you (and others!)

Cottonmouth said...

Frederick - The Lt. Gov. subsequently admitted that he had the conversation. He disagrees with how people characterized his remarks, but he admitted that he discussed Edith Jones' appointment to the bench by Reagan. He stopped short of admitting he said she would "take care of" Republicans. That happens to be contrary to what several Republican senators said Bryant said.

I know you and other Republicans want me to out my sources so that you can punish them. Two words for you, Gov. Barbour, and everyone else on that: Keep dreaming.