Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clarion-Ledger: Let the Senate vote

The Clarion-Ledger has weighed in this morning with an editorial on the redistricting fight.  Placing the spotlight on Sen. Billy Hewes and Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, the column calls on the two to end their stalling.
The resolution is expected to go to the Senate today, where it will be up to Bryant and Senate Rules Committee Chairman Billy Hewes to bring it up. Republican leaders contend it is unconstitutional because the name was changed from a "joint resolution" to a "concurrent resolution." Such semantical hair-splitting should be seen for what it is - another blocking tactic. Senators should be allowed to vote, up or down.
The C-L's right. Bryant and Hewes have stalled, delayed, blocked, and fought all they could throughout this, and to what end? To abdicate their duty to draw new maps? To display their inability to lead in full view of Republican primary voters?

The Lt. Gov. and Hewes, the Lt. Gov. hopeful, should let the Senate vote. Their stalling has led to a resolution of the splitting of Starkville, which was the most complained about feature of the old House map. They can declare a victory on that and finish their work. It's time.

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