Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just for kicks, Profiles in Redistricting Courage #4

Rep. John Moore (R-Brandon)

Yesterday on the floor of the House, Rep. Tommy Reynolds (D-Charleston) spoke again about the process he went through as chairman of the House Apportionment and Elections Committee in drawing the House redistricting plan. During that speech, he referenced taking the time to come in on a snow day and sit down with 4 Republican House members to help them draw their districts. He even related that one of them drew their district in crayon. What he wouldn't say, however, is who the 4 Republican legislators were.

This morning, Rep. John Moore (R-Brandon) went on state-funded SuperTalk radio and attacked Rep. Reynolds relentlessly over redistricting and his floor speech. Well, guess what? Rep. John Moore was one of the 4 Republican legislators Rep. Reynolds met with on that fateful snow day. In fact, Rep. John Moore spent that snow day with Rep. Reynolds splitting up Brandon.  Not sure if he was the one who used the crayon, but I bet we can find out.

Can you imagine the fun we're going to have once discovery begins in the federal court?

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