Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A deserved thank you to Speaker Philip Gunn (R- Clinton)

By now, you are all very much aware of the online petition to change Mississippi's state flag and the various comments from politicians on the issue.  One in particular stood out, seeing as the Mississippi Republican Party is the official "safe place" of racist white Mississippians.

(Just like this, but in the MSGOP version, both people are white.)
House Speaker Philip Gunn (R - Clinton), whom I have criticized on this blog more times than I can count, issued a statement last night stating his belief that we should remove the Confederate battle flag from the Mississippi state flag. I agree with him, and am glad to see he has opened his mind to the idea that a symbol of our state should be one that unifies, not divides.  So, kudos to him for that.  I stand with you, Speaker Gunn.

Now let's see you get that through a government currently dominated by Republicans. Best of luck.


Anonymous said...

I would care about this more if this wasn't pandering at its highest. They are literally jingling the keys and we are all staring at them while nothing is done about the real issue: How about something like gun control and background checks to deal with a serious problem?

Bob Evans said...

Too bad his Christian beliefs don't extend to helping the poor and sick. If they did, Medicaid expansion would have also been on his list of "the right things to do when he became Speaker.

Anonymous said...

I commend Speaker Gunn as well for having the brass to take a public stand on this issue. The juxtaposition of Speaker Gunn’s statement on changing our flag to Governor Bryant’s silence is an odd mix of hope and embarrassment for me as a life long Mississippian. I am somewhat hopeful Speaker Gunn can build a coalition for a more appropriate flag like the original Magnolia flag, but my hope is tempered by Governor Bryant’s embarrassing silence. I am sure Governor Philbo (I meant to spell it that way) would veto any ray of light coming from the legislature just so he can pander to the more base elements in Mississippi society. ... Bilbo, Barnett, and Bryant. ... I think I see a pattern developing.