Monday, June 22, 2015

Phil Bryant Sets Up Dangerous Situation

The United States Supreme Court will soon rule whether it is permissible for Mississippians to receive a tax credit in order to help pay for their health insurance. This is a case with huge implications for tens of thousands of Mississippians who risk losing their health care coverage. The person caring the least about this is Republican Governor Phil Bryant.

As of March 2015, over 75,000 Mississippians receive a tax credit to help pay their health insurance costs. This could all be in jeopardy if the Supreme Court rules against the tax credits. The backup plan from Republicans is nonexistent.

Republican Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney once worked to build a state-based insurance marketplace, but the stubbornness of Phil Bryant killed Chaney's proposal. Thus, Bryant's poor decisions have led us to this precarious (and avoidable) position.
House Speaker Philip Gunn (R-Clinton) and Governor Bryant,
likely not talking about helping Mississippians get health insurance
For Phil Bryant and the Republicans, it has never been about the Mississippians that are being helped by having health insurance. To them, it is all about making a political statement despite the fact that we have a higher uninsured rate than the national average. Phil Bryant and his Republican Party have done everything within their power to make sure thousands of Mississippians have no health insurance coverage.

Commissioner Chaney summed up the shortsighted, politics-only views of Phil Bryant with this quote:
“He’s got a pretty good approval rating, and he doesn’t have a real strong opponent,” Mr. Chaney said. “So he’s just not worried.”

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