Monday, March 16, 2015

Another Reminder on the Failed Bryant Economy

If you need one more reminder about the failures of the Phil Bryant economy, check out the numbers from the nonpartisan Pew Charitable Trust. The numbers show that on Phil Bryant's watch, the state is enduring the worst job creation record in the country. Despite all the tax giveaways to Phil Bryant's buddies with the promise of more jobs and prosperity, Mississippi remains on the bottom thanks to a lousy return on investment on Phil Bryant's part. 

Furthermore, the state of Kansas (which has been the template for tax policy by our Republican-led legislature) has one of the worst job creation records in the country. The Kansas model was the framework for Speaker Gunn's income tax bill which recently passed the Republican-led House. Leave it to Phil Bryant and his Republican yes-men to follow economic policies that are not working here and across the country. 

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Slim Smith said...

Odd, isn't it? Of course, you wouldn't know this from Gov. Bryant's public appearances. I swear, you can't dig a hole in Mississippi without Gov. Bryant showing up to take credit for it.