Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Haley Barbour Pushing Out Candidates?

Sources are reporting that former Governor and career lobbyist Haley Barbour is trying to push Mitch Tyner out of the Republican primary for the Public Service Commission's Central District seat. Mitch Tyner, you may recall, was the lead attorney for state Sen. Chris McDaniel's 2014 lawsuit against U.S. Senator Thad Cochran.

Why does it matter that Haley Barbour is meddling in this Republican primary race? It's quite simple. Haley wants to control the Public Service Commission for his own personal and financial interests. The Kemper County power plant, owned by Mississippi Power, - a subsidiary of Southern Company - is grossly over budget to the tune of nearly $4 billion! What is more troubling is that there is no clear answer about how this will be paid. Will Southern Company write off the debt? Will the cost be pushed onto customers like you and me? If Haley has his way, I think we all know who will be left to pick up the tab.

Haley envisions a Public Service Commission that will continue doing his bidding while he accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars in lobbying fees from companies regulated by the Commission. 

It's not a secret that Mitch Tyner and his conservative supporters are not satisfied with the "establishment" politics provided by the Barbour wing of the Republican Party. It stands to reason that, should Mitch Tyner be the Republican nominee, he could scrutinize the Haley's Kemper project harder than Haley's hand-picked establishment candidate. That's the point. Haley wants to be sure his puppet on the Commission will do as he is told and not ask questions. Thus the reason Haley wants his loyal soldier to take the Republican field with no opposition.

The question now is if Mitch Tyner will buckle and drop out under the immense pressure Haley Barbour and his lackeys are allegedly putting on him. Once again, the Republicans will have quite a race on their hands between the conservatives of Mitch Tyner and the establishment of Haley Barbour. 


Zorek Richards said...

"Sources are reporting " <<Reliable sources or just sources?

Anonymous said...

Do you doubt Barbour is for big money????

Julia O'Neal said...

Ya think maybe Haley wants another Leonard Bentz? He got Leonard (stupider than your mule) a job for double the $ so whoever gets the Posey situation (Posey is going to get indicted for his campaign financing--he has to get out of Dodge) will "graduate" to another HUGE state boondoggle. Why wouldn't anyone want to be the rethug candidate?

Anonymous said...

Zorek Richards - must be reliable sources after today's announcement

Zorek Richards said...

No smoking gun to Barbour. If someone has one, let me know. I have exactly zero respect for Barbour and his lobbyist clansmen.

Jill B said...

Mitch doesn't strike me as one to 'drop out'. He'll fight this (as he should).