Friday, February 13, 2015

MS voters like Gov. Bryant, but not enough to reelect him, poll shows

GarinHartYang Research Group conducted a poll last week of Mississippi voters, focused on this year's races for Attorney General and Governor.  I outlined the results regarding the Attorney General's race in a previous post, so let's now turn our attention to the results concerning Gov. Phil Bryant.

As this poll was mainly focused on the Attorney General's race, I don't have as much information from the poll on the Governor's race.  What I do have, though, is interesting, and tracks with what internal Democratic polls have found for the past 2 years.

Approval rating

Gov. Bryant is a popular guy.  66% of Mississippians approve of him. But....

Reelection support

While Mississippians might like Gov. Bryant as a person, we are not very enthusiastic about having him serve as governor for another 4 years.  Where nearly 60% of Mississippians want to reelect AG Jim Hood, only 45% of Mississippians want Gov. Bryant to serve another term. Importantly, only 33% of independents would vote to reelect Bryant.  (By contrast, 58% of independents would vote to reelect Hood.)

But who is the opponent?

At this moment, there is no Democrat qualified to run for governor against Phil Bryant.  That is expected to change within the next few days, however. It will be interesting to see how these numbers move after that announcement, and after the campaign begins in earnest.


Anonymous said...

45% is probably enough for him to get re-elected though isn't it? If that many go for him there will probably be enough of the 55% left that dislike something about the 'new guy' to just keep the devil they know.

Anonymous said...

Announcement in the coming days? Are the democrats announcing their candidate for gov. soon?

Anonymous said...

Vicki Slater? Really is that the best you can do?