Monday, February 2, 2015

Another North Mississippi Legislative Challenger Emerges

Justin Cluck, an Oxford resident and Marshall County attorney has launched his bid to run for District 13 Representative.

Cluck has been active in local politics for years, and is a strong candidate for a district that spans 4 counties. He'll likely be challenging Rep. Steve Massengill in the general election. Below is Cluck's release:

Justin Cluck Announces Campaign for District 13 Representative

Says Mississippi’s Future Depends on Strong Public Education

(Jackson) – Monday afternoon, North Mississippi attorney Justin Cluck announced his candidacy for District 13 legislature. Citing the opportunities he received as a product of public schools, Cluck recognized the necessity for a renewed commitment in the legislature.

“Three years ago my wife, Cary, and I were blessed with the birth of our son, Jennings. Because Cary and I both graduated from public schools and universities, we understand the importance of providing an outstanding public education for Jennings when he starts kindergarten….we were recently shocked and dismayed by the actions of the legislators of our district when they decided to blindly follow party lines by voting against Mississippi’s working families and the 200,000 citizens of this state who signed the ‘Better Schools, Better Jobs’ petition,” Cluck said in a statement.

District 13 stretches through Benton, Lafayette, Marshall and Union Counties, and is currently represented by Rep. Steve Massengill (R-Hickory Flat), though Cluck insists this is about more than party politics.

Said Cluck, “Our children’s education is not a partisan issue and it should not matter which party you identify with.  We should all work together to transcend party lines and to guarantee our children’s future is priority number one.“


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I am thrilled to have Mr. Cluck running for this position. Good public schools are critical for the well-being of all our citizens. Our current legislators apparently have decided they can afford private schools for their children, and they simply don't care about the rest of us. So, best of luck, Mr. Cluck! I will be delighted to work hard to get you elected!