Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Change in Command Coming to Mississippi GOP?

Sources within Republican ranks are reporting that Governor Phil Bryant is sending his former chief of staff and former Cochran campaign manager, Kirk Sims, to be the new executive director for the Mississippi Republican Party.

For those unfamiliar with Sims, he served as Governor Bryant's chief of staff before leading Cochran's 2014 Senate primary. After Cochran's near defeat in the June 3 Republican Primary, the decision was made to not keep Sims on Cochran's campaign staff. On top of that, he is the son-in-law of U.S. Senator Roger Wicker.

What should outrage Tea Party supporters is that Bryant's rumored handpicked executive director, along with Chairman Joe Nosef, have done everything they can to diminish and discredit the U.S. Senate campaign of Chris McDaniel.

Furthermore, the Haley Barbour establishment and their big-money donors should be frightened that Bryant is permitting the person who nearly lost Cochran his re-election to be the next executive director of the Mississippi Republican Party.

Stay tuned as rumored staffing hire develops.

More thoughts: I am puzzled why Phil Bryant is allegedly sending Kirk to work for the state party and rather than hiring Kirk to run his re-election campaign for governor. Perhaps Kirk did such a poor job that not even Bryant wants him on his own campaign staff.


Anonymous said...

Surely you jest? Not only is he incompetent (which should be enough), but this would be the ultimate tone deaf move on Phil's part. It's a slap in the face to even reasonable McDaniel supporters.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not true. The MS GOP is in a state of chaos due to the Racebaiting antics of the Cochran Campaign. If he puts Cochran's campaign chair in that post, it will further disenfranchise Mississippi Conservatives

Anonymous said...

Scratch the surface and you'll see that the deep bench the Barbour-GOP and their media puppets have boasted about all these years is full of B-Leaguers and scrubs.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, I'll never bash CM again as this would just prove him right. The whole reason we have this mess in the Senate is Simms incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Just like most of the other commentary put up on this site, this looks to be another rumor being spread trying to stir up discontent among Republicans, all to the benefit of Ryan/Matt groupies.

Found any truth to the rumor yet? Bother to check with Nosef and see if this was in fact true? Or just another attempt to see if you could pile more crap than Chuck while trying to act relevant?

Anonymous said...

LOL You might want to contact Nosef yourself 2:59 as he has confirmed this morning that Sims is working for and getting paid by the GOP to, ostensibly, help Nosef in the job search for the next Executive Director. Shades of Dick Chaney!