Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Travis Childers and Mississippi are Looking for Thad Cochran

In the latest US Senate race news, Democratic nominee Travis Childers reminds voters that Republican nominee Thad Cochran continues to duck voters and refuses to face Childers for a debate.

Cochran refused to debate Chris McDaniel; Cochran doesn't look like he will debate Travis Childers. It seems that after serving 36 years in the country's greatest debating forum, Cochran has finally lost his ability to engage in a discussion over issues. At this stage in his long career, it is odd and disappointing that Cochran would shy away from running on his record.

Here is the ad, for your viewing pleasure:

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Col. Reb Sez said...

It's a great video. But as a McDaniel Republican I can tell you that Childers needs to go easy on the "liberal" angle. Democrats know he is far more liberal than Cochran, but pissed-off Republicans don't need to be reminded.

As modern Democrats go Childers is about as conservative as they get; to the left of Gene Taylor, but well to the right of the national party.