Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ignorant obstinance strikes again: North Mississippi Health Services cuts 109 jobs

WTVA is reporting that North Mississippi Health Services is eliminating 109 jobs.  According to WTVA:
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Williams says, "The reductions were prompted by the ongoing shift from inpatient to outpatient care, declining government reimbursements and other factors." (Emphasis added.)
If you'll remember, one of the big issues in the 2013 Regular and Special Legislative Sessions was the increasing government reimbursements.  The Republicans, led by Gov. Phil Bryant (R) and House Speaker Philip Gunn (R - Clinton) were staunchly opposed, and killed Democratic attempts to protect our hospitals.

This is not the first time a Mississippi hospital has faced difficulties because of a drop in government reimbursements.  Hancock County's only hospital faced a $6.1M budget hole as a result of declining government reimbursements this year, ultimately driving it into the hands of an out-of-state company for management.

Nor is it the second.  In September, word surfaced that Forrest General Hospital was facing millions of dollars worth of red ink as a result of declining government reimbursements.

Assuming your hospital isn't listed above, how long do you think it's going to take before the Republican refusal to protect our hospitals affects you and your loved ones?

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Unknown said...

It's funny that you're opting to focus on only one of the reasons and not all of them. Also, you failed to note that the problems with this hospital date back 3 or 4 years ago [a time when Medicaid expansion wasn’t even an option]. Trying to place blame on others [when it is CLEARLY not their fault] is typical of liberal folk like yourself. Maybe the hospital didn’t run their business properly? Oh no! Must be the mean ole Governor’s fault! LAUGHABLE.