Friday, September 20, 2013

Update: Uninsured driving costs at Hancock hospital

Last month, we reported on the financials woes at the Hancock Medical Center. Yesterday, they announced a new partnership with Oschner Health System based in Louisiana.

The new partnership will help Hancock Medical Center address the $11 million in uncompensated care that has caused major financial issues. And how will Oschner help with this? Primary care and assisting in Medicaid enrollment for eligible patients.

Of course, Medicaid expansion in Mississippi would assist with allowing people to have more access to primary care and compensate hospitals for services provided. As the the tea-party legislature beat the anti-expansion drum during the budget hearings this week, you have to wonder how many more stories of hospital financial ruin (such as the one posted yesterday) will occur before they'll get on board.

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pinebelt said...

I know this doesn't pertain, however, just read dailykos and wanted to say good job Ryan. When the national blogs pick up something from Mississippi you must be doing something right.