Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hosemann: We Have a Senator, but Why Isn't It Me?

In a live chat with the Clarion-Ledger last week, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann (R) was asked if he is jumping into the Republican primary for the United States Senate next year. His response:
"We have a senator right now. He will make his mind I believe shortly whether he is running again. I am honored to be considered for a seat to represent Mississippi in the United States Senate and would quickly address this question if Senator Cochran retires."
It appears that Hosemann has concluded that Senator Cochran is not running for re-election.

Yesterday, it was reported that a staff member of Secretary Hosemann's official office was in Jones County trying to get some dirt on state Sen. Chris McDaniel. McDaniel has already begun his campaign for the United States Senate and has done a successful job in earning the endorsements of many hardcore Tea Party groups.

After looking around Jones County, it seems that all Hosemann's folks could come up with are some elections that McDaniel may or may not have voted in over the past ten years. It should be noted that a simple check of the state's voter file, which Hosemann's office manages, could have come up with such a finding. Gas is a bit cheaper these days, but it seems an awful waste of resources to travel to Jones County and not find much. Does Hosemann have a campaign account through which he paid for his staffer's mileage? Since state agencies are more aware of their expenditures these days, I hope Hosemann did not pay for mileage reimbursement out of his office budget. I don't think the Tea Party base would appreciate state funds paying for campaign expenses.

It is well documented that Mississippi has gone through a political transformation in the past ten years. Is it possible McDaniel voted in a Democratic primary ten years ago when his local officials were mostly Democrats? Sure. Does anyone care that much? Probably not. Heck, I would be willing to bet that many Mississippians at some point in their life has voted in both major party primaries. I know I have. Thanks, Dad.

Hosemann tried to deflect his involvement in this records request by arguing that we need to know about McDaniel's voting record, but voters can easily see beyond his facade. At the end of the day, Hosemann jumped the gun and he knows it. Denying that he had any knowledge of the whereabouts and motives of one of his top advisers is quite disingenuous.

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