Monday, November 25, 2013

Campaign Finance Reports Cannot Be Found

Yesterday, we noted that state Sen. Chris McDaniel was having some technical difficulties with his campaign website. Not to be outdone, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is having some website troubles of his own.

In this instance, the portal to access certain state campaign finance reports is currently offline. One hopes that Hosemann isn't trying to put up obstacles for those trying to see who has donated to his campaign, especially as the Republican primary gets underway.

If Hosemann and/or McDaniel ever complain about uninsured Americans not being able to sign up for health insurance coverage because of computer glitches, remind them that they are not perfect either.

Update: It is surely now a matter of time before there are demands from members of the Senate Conservative Coalition for Delbert to force his Assistant Secretary of State for Elections to resign.


Unknown said...

Its truly unreasonable, in my opinion, to even consider this to be true. Just because a site is having technical difficulties doesn't imply malicious intent. I really thought this was a joke until i read into the article and found some fairly large claims being made with nothing but a cheaply thought up comparison between current news on a national level and what looks to be a minor error on a state website to back it. Maybe its just me, but does it really make sense to compare a federal website costing in excess of 4 billion dollars to one error page on a Mississippi SOS Web Site, which i can guarantee is NOT EVEN CLOSE to that much just to prove a point?? (which also sounds halfbaked) All in all, it just seems a little petty in my opinion no matter what side you take (if any).

Matt Eichelberger said...

Jim: Pump the brakes, man. Ryan clearly had his tongue planted in cheek when he typed this. Is the SOS website failing to provide access to campaign finance reports on the same magnitude of being a bit of a mess? In the grand scheme, no. But it is "a thing", and before folks like Secretary Hosemann get comfortable on their high horse about the mechanics of a website, well, glass houses and all.