Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Phil Bryant's interview with Washington Post confirmed what many suspected: we elected an absolute dumbass

I know, I know.  There have been times when you thought "This is it.  This is absolutely the most insanely stupid thing Phil Bryant could possibly say."  For instance, when he said that all Americans had healthcare.  Or when he said that we shouldn't expand Medicaid to the working poor because they'd just start going to the doctor for entertainment.  Or maybe it was the night before Election Day 2011 when he said that if Mississippians were to reject the Personhood Amendment, Satan would have won.

Well, dear reader, he's topped all of that.  And then some.

Today, while taking part in a Washington Post live event concerning childhood education, our governor said the following in response to a question as to how America had become so "mediocre":
Now, I'm going to get in trouble if I...you want me to tell the truth? Both parents started working.  The mom is in the workplace.  I'm going to get in trouble. I can see the emails tomorrow. But now both parents are working.
So, where to begin....

First off, and this is just life advice for everybody, not just you, Governor, so don't feel like I'm singling you out:  When you start a response to a question with the line, "Now, I'm going to get in trouble...", SHUT THE &^$* UP.  STOP.  You, in fact, ARE going to get in trouble.

Second off, how about doing the right thing there and STANDING UP FOR YOUR COUNTRY.  The proper answer to the question "Why has America become mediocre?" is always "I strongly disagree with your premise.  This is the greatest nation in the world.  We are the great bastion of liberty, justice, and innovation."  If you want to then talk about the unique challenges facing the American educational system, go right ahead.  But don't ever agree with the premise that America is mediocre.

Finally, and most importantly, do you really mean to tell me that children of working moms aren't as bright as those of stay-at-home moms?  Have you told your wife that?  You know, the mother of your two phenomenally accomplished children who has worked at St. Dominic's Hospital for 37 years?

Have you shared your thoughts with Republican State Treasurer Lynn Fitch?  Or how about your old friend Amy Tuck?  Or what about Dr. Hannah Gay at UMC who likely just cured HIV a few months ago?

And all this time, I thought the "D" in D. Phil Bryant stood for Dewey.

(By the way, our governor's mother stayed home with him while he was a child.  Fat load of good that did all of us.)


Unknown said...

The proper answer to the question "Why has America become mediocre?" is always "I strongly disagree with your premise. This is the greatest nation in the world."

No, just… no. Pretending America is some fantasy utopia is just as delusional as what goes on in Phil's head. It's ok to admit we're bad and getting worse at education. First step to trying to make it better. We're a big country with big problems.

Unknown said...

having a Sad over women unshackling their va-jay-jays 50+ years ago is ALWAYS relevant with the kiddos today
oh, and by the way, the governor of Mississippi should know a LOT about the biggest factor in low educational performance: POVERTY. http://www.librarygrape.com/2013/05/turning-our-children-into-robots-and-guinea-pigs.html

hmm, maybe i should look at some facts. OH NOES! Jeebus-fearing Mississippi, where I’m sure more wimmins than elsewhere tend the brood in the homestead as Gawd intended, has the worst child poverty rate in the country (50th out of 50) AND clocks in at a miserable 50th out of 50 in state math and science education rankings!! http://datacenter.kidscount.org/data/acrossstates/Rankings.aspx?ind=43

Quelle surprise! and, faint! Quite a correlation there, hrmmm?