Monday, June 3, 2013

Mayoral races to watch Tuesday, Part 2

Last week, I authored a post on mayoral races to watch tomorrow, and covered Ocean Springs and Meridian.  Here are the others to keep an eye on:

Starkville: Up the road from Meridian, Republicans are gunning to take out first-term mayor Parker Wiseman.  Mayor Wiseman has partnered with the business community effectively while in office, leading to a near double-digit increase in sales tax collections.  By contrast, news broke today that GOP nominee Dan Moreland has led the Starkville Parks Commission while they failed to pay the light bill.  There has been significant MSGOP participation in this race, with Congressman Gregg Harper (R) cutting a video in support of Moreland.

Tupelo:  An open seat race in Tupelo between Republican Fred Pitts and Democrat Jason Shelton has been rather heated over the last few months, with a contrast being drawn between the ages of the candidates.  Pitts, a septuagenarian, is doing his best to connect with much younger voters, whereas Shelton, in his late 30's, is looking to show he's ready to lead.  Shelton certainly appears to have an edge in the enthusiasm department, with multiple reports coming in that Pitts has been forced to hire door-to-door canvassers in order to get his message out.

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