Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rep. Cecil Brown (D - Jackson) begins questioning of Rep. Bill Denny (R - Jackson)

Rep. Cecil Brown (D - Jackson) asks Rep. Bill Denny (R - Jackson) how many white Democrats participated in drawing the Denny map.  Denny guessed 5.  Denny later said he wouldn't have any record of who those people were.

Denny is having a hard time not interrupting members asking questions.

Denny says the committee was not "substantially" different last year.  I guess it's all what you mean by the word "substantial."

Denny says the subcommittee first saw the map when it was printed out.

Denny says District 66 (Brown's current district) has been moved 15 or so miles away, outside the city of Jackson and into rural Hinds County.  Denny then says that Brown's current district is 57% black.  Under the Denny map, a good number of Jackson precincts would go into Denny's district, which is 26% black.  (This is called "bleaching," and you can read about it here.)

Denny's proposed 64 can be seen here.

Denny then refuses to answer any further questions about individual districts.

Brown then turns his sights on Rep. Greg Snowden's (R - Meridian) district.  Rep. Snowden represents a 51% majority black district.  Under the Denny map, Snowden's district would be reduced to 17% black voting age population.

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