Tuesday, April 24, 2012

***BREAKING - Reason for delay in redistricting process revealed*** (SATIRE)

(***The following is satire.***)

Conversations with redistricting experts aiding the Legislature in their efforts to draw new maps have uncovered the reason behind the extensive delay in completing the process: Rep. Bill Denny (R - Jackson), chairman of the House Reapportionment Committee, drew the House maps thinking the 3/5ths Compromise was still in place. Understandably, this caused major alarm when his House map was finally submitted for expert approval.  The practice of placing a large number of minority voters into a small number of districts is known as "packing."  Denny defended himself by saying, "It ain't packing if they're not equal to us."

Sources inside the Capitol say that Denny had relied heavily on Rep. John Moore (R - Brandon) for advice concerning the legality of the proposed lines as he was drafting them. Reached for comment, Moore defended his advice to Denny concerning the 3/5ths Compromise by saying he'd learned that from his friend Richard Barrett.

(Seriously, Rep. Bill Denny doesn't think the 3/5ths Compromise is still in place.  He knows full well it isn't, as he lost several grandsons in the Civil War.  The stuff about Richard Barrett, though, is not satire.  He was an avowed white supremacist.  Also, Barrett didn't leave half of his estate to Rep. Moore because he and Moore didn't get along.)


Alice Martin said...

Carson still can't get elected. That isn't satire.

Queen Antigone said...

The Republicans are as dumb as door nails and this story is further proof that they are incapable of handling the business of the people. They are a bunch of one trick ponies. The trick is (Stop minorities from voting, take away women's rights, further racism by promoting hatred of immigrants and African Americans, segregrate the public schools by forming charter schools, take money from PERS, and suck on teet of the TEA PARTY). One trick composed of hot button issues and no true vision for Mississippi. Disgusting.