Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm not going to tell you how to vote on 26, but you need to see this

I'm not going to tell anyone how they should vote on Proposition 26, otherwise known as the Personhood Amendment.  It's a very personal decision and I respect the viewpoints on all sides.  Everyone, however, needs to see the following video:


John Wesley Leek said...

"I'm not going to tell you how to vote."

This video adds nothing to the debate Matt.

It repeats unproven and irresponsible claims and I think it's unfortunate that this is what you've chosen to represent your position and that of this website.

There are legitimate reasons to vote no and there are legitimate reasons to vote yes. We're all served better if we stick with the facts.

Molly said...

"If you're raped or you have incest occur, well, that's a life, friends. It's tough." ~ Prewitt

Not too tough for him; he'll never have to carry or deliver a child conceived in violence and hate.

Cottonmouth said...

John, will you forward something to me that shows the opposing viewpoint?

Cottonmouth said...

John, in addition, I offer the following from the Daily Beast on October 24:

Should Mississippi’s initiative pass, “it would ban some current practices of IVF,” acknowledges Keith Mason, the 30-year-old president of Personhood USA, an organization pushing for personhood amendments at both the state and federal level: “The creation of 30 or 60 embryos and then picking through them to see which ones are most likely boys or girls, or basically looking at the ones you want to give life to and destroying the rest.” Eric Webb, an anti-abortion Mississippi ob-gyn and prominent supporter of Amendment 26, has said repeatedly that it will outlaw the freezing of embryos, an important part of the IVF process.

Cottonmouth said...

Also, here's NPR on the birth control and safety issues.

John Wesley Leek said...

The following news articles you've added here are valid.

They can be distinguished from the original post by being primarily analysis instead of personal attack and overly broad claims.

If the folks who started the amendment were running for office their background would be up for discussion, but in this case it is only a distraction from the actual issues at play.

I have friends voting for and friends voting against and I still like them all.

John Wesley Leek said...


Also informative. Takes a look at existing law and how this might (or might not) effect it.

John Wesley Leek said...


Cottonmouth said...

John (can I call you "the Blogfather"?),

I just posted a response to the Mississippi Center for Public Policy's arguments.

Take a look here: http://cottonmouthblog.blogspot.com/2011/11/thought-about-legal-arguments-of.html