Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boyce Adams...a PhD in Lying?

Depending on which source you consult, PSC candidate Boyce Adams, Jr. has a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University in Economics, International Economics, International Business, Political Science or even Biology. Adams has crowed all year long that he knows about how to create jobs because he has a degree in economics. He went on Paul Gallo and talked about his knowledge of economics, and he has bragged all over North Mississippi about his now famous degree in economics.
Boyce Adams, Jr.'s bio from his daddy's company says that he has a degree in "International Economics". Then you have his campaign website and literature that says he has a degree in plain old "Economics". Then we have his Linkedin page where he says that his degree is in "International Economics" and “Biological Sciences” (A biology degree?!? I mean really, Boyce. Come on.) Lastly, Adams apparently told the Mississippi Business Journal last year that he has a degree in "International Business" All this makes you wonder what kind of college degree Boyce the Younger, really has. So I decided to do a little checking.
Despite claims he’s made on his campaign website, in online professional profiles, and in news articles, records show that Mr. Adams does not officially have a degree in Economics. According to information provided by the National Student Clearinghouse, the official provider of degree verifications for Vanderbilt University, and Vanderbilt’s registrar, Boyce Adams, Jr. received a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies in May 2007. Vanderbilt’s registrar’s office stated over the phone that Interdisciplinary Studies degrees are awarded to students who choose their own courses of study in a variety of areas.  While it’s possible that Mr. Adams could have chosen an emphasis in economics or business coursework, his Interdisciplinary Studies degree is not and should not be considered the same as a standalone economics or business degree, according to Vanderbilt. 
Here is the information verified by Vanderbilt registrar's office:

Name On School's Records: BOYCE ELKIN ADAMS, JR.
Date Awarded............: 05/11/2007
Degree Title............: BACHELOR OF ARTS
Official Name of School.: VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY
Major Course(s) of Study: POLITICAL SCIENCE
Dates of Attendance.....: 08/27/2003 to 05/11/2007
(Sources: Vanderbilt University, Office of the Registrar, Sep. 2, 2011; National Student Clearinghouse, Boyce E. Adams, Jr., degree verification, accessed Sep. 6, 2011)
Did Boyce hire George O'Leary as a campaign consultant?

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