Monday, August 1, 2011

So what's going to happen tomorrow? (Part 3)

House District 3

Bobby Wren, Tommy Cadle, and Jimmy Wayne Russell are running to replace outgoing House Speaker Billy McCoy (D-Rienzi). From all I'm hearing, Cadle looks like the winner here.

House District 10

This is the seat Rep. Warner McBride (D-Courtland) is leaving. The Democratic primary is between Jordan Bankhead and Greg Hodges. Bankhead has reportedly been gaining momentum. Sen. Nolan Mettetal and Doug Jones are facing off in the Republican primary. I'm going with Mettetal winning that primary.

House District 19

This one is the race of the night on the House side, in my opinion. The Democratic primary pits incumbent Rep. Mark DuVall (D-Mantachie) against former incumbent Jamie Franks (D-Mooreville) and Brad Underwood. Franks is currently chair of the Mississippi Democratic Party. I'm betting Franks takes his seat back, and does so without a runoff. DuVall's had some questionable votes in his 4 years in the House, and I think that's going to bite him.

House District 39

Rep. Jeff Smith (DIR?-Columbus) and Jack Larmour are vying for the Republican nomination. This is Smith's first run as a Republican, but I don't believe he'll have any trouble. Smith should walk away with this one.

House District 48

Rep. Mary Ann Stevens (D-West) is retiring, and Jason White, Nathaniel Christian, and Thomas Eskridge are running in the Democratic primary to replace her. It looks like White has the momentum in this one. There are no Republicans running for this seat, so the winner of the primary becomes the new Representative.

House District 73

Brad Oberhousen and Gay Polk are squaring off in the Democratic primary in this Hinds County race. Oberhousen appears in the lead here, and should win tomorrow. If he does, he'll face Rep. Jim Ellington (R-Raymond) in the general, assuming that Ellington beats John Canterbury in the GOP primary. I think that's a safe assumption.

Alright, I'm done.  Let's see how these all turn out tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Down in Adams County, we have an interesting race for H94. Incumbent Robert Johnson is being challenged by Alderman Ricky Gray. Personally, I pulling big time for Johnson. In S37, if Melanie Sojourner wins her Republican Primary, she could give our much beloved Senator Dearing a run for his money.

Cottonmouth said...

Rep. Robert Johnson is going to be fine.

I haven't heard anything about Sen. Dearing's race, which to me indicates that Dearing is also A-OK.

Unknown said...

Hope you're right!