Saturday, March 5, 2011

So, Phil Bryant's having some trouble in the Hattiesburg area, huh?

Hattiesburg Senate Districts

According to the Clarion-Ledger, Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant has prepared a Senate redistricting plan of his own.  He no doubt wants to use it instead of the one Sen. Terry Burton's (R-Newton) committee has worked all year to prepare.  Barring that, Bryant is "hoping for a resolution of the two plans (but) there is a district in the Pine Belt that (he) disagree(s) with."

That's interesting, because it was the Pine Belt that caused Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck (R) trouble, too.  In an effort to protect Sen. Tom King (R-Petal) and dilute black voting strength in a majority black city, the Republican Party pushed the district you see above.  (Yes, that is a one-block wide Senate district you see snaking along W 4th and Hardy Streets and then down the railroad tracks, and another that is connected by the I-59/Hwy 49 interchange.)

So, will Phil Bryant release his plan for us to look at? And how does it treat the three white Republican senators who currently represent Hattiesburg?

*In the picture above, District 44, held by Republican Tom King, is orange.  District 41, held by Republican Joey Fillingane, is purple.  District 45, held by Republican Billy Hudson, is gray.

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John Wesley Leek said...

I didn't realize that existed, though I had wondered why there was little DEM representation for Hattiesburg. Bizarre!