Saturday, March 5, 2011

From the rumor mill - Are Clinton Republicans expendable?

As we've already noted today, Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant (R) has worked with an outside consultant to prepare his own redistricting plan.  We're not sure he actually has the guts to release it, though, as it is sure to anger supporters in some areas.  Word around the Senate is that one of those areas will be the Republican-leaning city of Clinton, which Bryant is allegedly going to split into two majority black Senate districts, effectively blocking Clinton Republicans from Senate races.


CCPundit said...

Clinton is already represented by Democrats in the Senate. Hinds County is, for the most part, a demographic lost cause beyond Denny's House Seat and Michel's in the Senate. Sacrificing Clinton for the greater GOP good doesn't change the status quo in the least. If the plan is as you posit the Senator who should be sweating bullets is David Blount.

Cottonmouth said...

CC - Clinton Republicans are currently grooming Mississippi College Vice President Steve Stanford for a run against Blount. And I don't know that I'd write off the district Blount represents as a lost cause for Republicans. Blount's in his first term after taking the seat from Republican Richard White.

pinebelt said...

Clinton is a public education city. Blount overcame strong oppotisiton last time and has only solidified his creditials with his support of public education. As we all know in politics anything can happen, however I am not sure why Blount should be sweating bullets because of the drawn districts.