Thursday, February 17, 2011

Party switchers beware...

Back in December of 2010, Republicans were crowing about their biggest party switch in some time: Central District Public Service Commissioner Lynn Posey.  Commissioner Posey was no doubt certain that Haley Barbour meant it when he said, "We welcome him and look forward to working with him to move Mississippi forward."

Last week, Governor Barbour's nephew filed to run against Lynn Posey in the Republican primary.


Mississippi District UPCI Single's Ministry said...

I have to wonder, are you responsible for what your nephews and nieces do? Or is it the fact you just want to be critical and try to find something wrong with everything a conservative says? I'm thinking the latter. Typical liberals. And for the record, I'm not a republican.

Cottonmouth said...

David, this wouldn't be the first time Haley Barbour encouraged someone to run as a Republican, only to recruit primary opposition for them.

DB said...

Seriously, David, it is more than a bit naive to think that the nephew didn't check with Uncle Haley before pitching his hat in the ring. If any thing, Haley is known for ruling with an iron fist. Yeah, right, the nephew is going to go against the wishes of Uncle Haley.

The implication in this is clear: with Haley, loyalty is a one way street.

Or to put it another way. "Uncle Haley, how do you feel about my running for Central District Public Service Commissioner?"

"No, now son, I would prefer you not do that. I just recruited Lyn Posey to the Republican side and I don' think that would be right. It wouldn't look right because you are a family member, and it wouldn't be right because he just joined the cause."

Of course, your criticism centers around those evil "liberals" which frankly makes no sense and is a blatant distraction from the point at hand. Loyalty is neither a liberal or conservative issue. It is something of a virtue, or used to be in Mississippi circles.

The criticism from Cottonmouth centers around the fact that Haley recruited Lynn Posey, then obviously gave the nod to his nephew run against him.

And that suggests, my friend, whenever Haley, the head of the Republican party, the governor and a Presidential candidate is finished with you, he will dump you to the side.

To paraphrase Stonewall Jackson, "And if you can't see that, you are blind, sir, blind."