Thursday, February 17, 2011

"" is folly at its best

Yesterday, and were all atwitter over a new website named "". The aim of the new website, in their words, is to "Fire McCoy and the Boys!" And by the boys, they say they mean those selected by McCoy for committee chairmanships and vice-chairmanships. Here's a clip from their website:

I'm sure that the following legislators would be interested to know that they're being targeted by their own:

Republican Vice-Chairmen

Larry Byrd - County Affairs
Mac Huddleston - Enrolled Bills
Billy Nicholson - Ethics
Forrest Hamilton - Executive Contingent Fund
Bill Pigott - Forestry
Bubba Carpenter - Interstate Cooperation
Andy Gipson - Investigative State Offices
Hank Zuber - Marine Resources
Frank Hamilton - Military Affairs
Tom Weathersby - Municipalities
Margaret Rogers - Oil, Gas, and Other Minerals
Jessica Upshaw - Public Property
Ray Rogers - Public Utilities
Toby Barker - Select Committee on Poverty
Wanda Jennings - State Library

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