Sunday, September 22, 2013

So I heard from a member of the Senate Conservative Coalition this morning

Doubtless on the way to church this morning to learn more about Jesus, a member of the Senate Conservative Coalition reached out to me via Facebook message and sent me the following:
Just randomly stopped by your version of the National Enquirer and saw that you linked the Haley piece to us. Not a single Senate Conservative Coalition member saw that piece before it came out, and not one of us have endorsed it since. So, you can let your lie sit on your page as long as you want, but at least you know it's a lie.
The post at issue is Ryan Brown's Senate Conservative Coalition Opposes: Haley Barbour.  It's part of a running series predicated on the idea that every few weeks, the Senate Conservative Coalition has a new thing about which they are outraged.  Keith Plunkett, author of the Mississippi PEP blog, penned a post that was likely less temperate than any to ever appear on this site regarding Haley Barbour.  And the Mississippi PEP blog has been closely associated with the Senate Conservative Coalition, featuring ads for two SCC founders, focusing on the same issues as the SCC, and consistently publishing their press releases.  So there's certainly a connection there.

I found it interesting that this particular member of the SCC was so eager to gain some distance from the PEP criticism of Barbour.  That reaction lets us know that FOH (Fear of Haley) is alive and well in the Mississippi Republican Party.  (Note that they don't mind going after Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves all the time.)

In closing, I responded immediately to the Senator's message, but didn't hear back, and that's ok. I do appreciate the readership.  As for the "National Enquirer" shot, well, I've considered adding a published version of Cottonmouth to the lineup, but I'm pretty sure the members of the Senate Conservative Coalition would just burn it.

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