Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Senate Conservative Coalition Opposes: Haley Barbour

Haley Barbour, Conservative Republican?
A mouthpiece for the Senate tea party caucus has broken Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment: speaking ill of another Republican. This time, the Senate Conservative Coalition Opposes: Haley Barbour.

The same Haley Barbour who led the Republican rise in Mississippi has now drawn the ire of Senate conservatives. One of their arguments is that Barbour spends his time flying around the country hosting high-dollar fundraisers with his "cronies," "like clowns for hire," raising money for candidates who will work against those who can't afford to attend such fundraisers. I don't think anyone is surprised that after his service as the Republican National Committee Chairman, lobbyist, candidate, Republican Governors Association Chairman, SuperPAC consultant, and another round as a lobbyist that he isn't an expert on political fundraising.

A question posed in the article is whether folks recognize that the Republican Party is dying a slow death. Since the tea party caucus has announced the passing of the Republican Party, they are hosting a series of town hall events across the state to give you a sample of what they are proposing instead. You can expect a lot of Barbour and Tate Reeves bashing along the way.

This fracture in the Republican Party's foundation is another testament to how the tea party is expediting its takeover of the institution that Haley Barbour built.

You can read the article for yourself HERE.

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