Monday, January 28, 2013

Personhood all over again

Rep. Tracy Arnold (R - Booneville)

Rep. Andy Gipson (R - Braxton)
They just don't stop.  Rep. Tracy Arnold (R - Booneville) has authored the "Protection of the Human Person Act", which is the defeated Personhood Amendment all over again.  Despite having a ridiculous name, the bill is full of statements like this:

That the State of Mississippi acknowledges and respects the supremacy of the United States Constitution but reserves the right to legally challenge unsound interpretations of the United States Constitution which infringe on the human rights and civil liberties of the people of the State of Mississippi and the sovereignty of the State of Mississippi;
(I don't believe the word "sovereignty" has been mentioned this much by Mississippi politicians in 50 years.)

The bill has been given the number HB 819, and you can follow its progress here.

If you'd like to contact Rep. Arnold, you may do so via telephone at (601) 359-2438 or email at  The bill has been assigned to House Judiciary Committee "B", which is chaired by Rep. Andy Gipson (R - Braxton).  You may contact him at (601)359-1541 or

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David said...

I'm more of a dog person. Does that mean I'm not protected?