Monday, October 31, 2011

About as big of a blunder as I've seen this cycle out of someone not named Steve Simpson

So Ashley Skellie, who lost to Sen. Debbie Dawkins (D-Pass Christian) 4 years ago, wants that seat so badly that she's willing to maliciously lie about Sen. Dawkins' residency.  Skellie bought (or had bought for her) $50,000 worth of television advertising last week.  And she bought it to run an ad saying that Sen. Dawkins lived in Florida.

Well, the media got ahold of the truth, and Skellie was forced to pull the ad.  Here's the Sun-Herald's article on it.  There were stories on it from the Miami Herald to the DeSoto Times, but we'll just go with the local one.


carter said...

Yes,but the "corrected" ad she's now running says Dawkins lives in Orange Beach,Alabama. But, for that matter, WHERE IS DAWKINS? She must not want to win.

Cottonmouth said...

Well, that's false as well. Dawkins is campaigning the old-fashioned, honest way: she's meeting the voters face-to-face. After all, she doesn't have the banks and insurance companies funding her campaign like Skellie does.