Thursday, April 7, 2011

Senate adjourns sine die, possibility of special session looms

This afternoon, the Senate voted to adjourn sine die, meaning they are through for the session. So instead of facing a tough vote on redistricting, the Senate, under Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant and President Pro Tempore Sen. Billy Hewes decided to go home.

The prospect of a special session to handle redistricting is a real one. Maybe Gov. Barbour can show some leadership on this issue, as his Lt. Gov. apparently can't.


Seriously said...

"his Lt. Governor" even you know that's a joke

Unknown said...

Seriously is on the mark - and Matt, you lose again, but thanks for playing.

Why would the Gov call a special session? Only if there is an agreement between the House and Seante. If the House wants to stay stuck in its old "gentlemen's agreement" ways, the Gov isn't going to waste taxpayer dollars or legislator's time calling them back. McCoy couldn't even appoint conferees to discuss it for the past three weeks. Gov HRB has shown he isn't going to bring them back unless there is a reason to do so. Right now, Matt, no matter how you want to paint the picture, the old boy Dems in the House have made it clear its either "their way or no way". Thank God for our Senators and Representatives that have stood tall and said to your Speaker, "then its no way. Lets go home."

newmagnolia said...

Protocol dictates that when referring to or adressing the Lieutenant Governor he be referred to as "Mr. Bryant."

newmagnolia said...

Phil's letter today refers to "Democrat leadership" and "Democrat Plan",etc.
I take it as a slur when he refers to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in that manner.

Cottonmouth said...

Frederick, when I wash the vitriol off of your comment, you aren't far off base. The question for Barbour is this: will he accept a House plan that does not create a clear path to a Republican Speaker? The Senate wasn't, but if Haley is, a deal will happen, and a special session will be called.