Thursday, April 7, 2011

***BREAKING*** - Capitol sources: GOP senators to be deposed over Bryant meeting

In a new development surrounding the infamous meeting between Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant (R) and Republican senators (first reported here, with follow up stories here and here), word is spreading at the Capitol of plans to depose each and every Republican senator regarding the meeting.

A request for subpoenas is reportedly imminent.


theforevertalker said...

oh WOW! Sucks for them. i wish i knew who it was!!

Unknown said...

Who will own up to that? Will the bloggers protect their sources? Could there be away to say they were made up? Answers or predictions anyone

Cottonmouth said...

Theforevertalker - It's all of them.

Choggs - Why on Earth wouldn't I protect my sources?

Unknown said...

Matt - you must still be dreaming. Depositions? For what trial? Just because you reported something as being fact - and that your Speaker believes such 'fact' reporting - doesn't make it germaine in any trial that is currently underway. Unless, of course, you want to file some lawsuit somewhere to try to make your ramblings germaine.

Of course, the fact that Bobby Moak came onto the Senate floor shooting off his mouth about how f***** the Republicans were once Jordan recused and Reeves was named, has nothing to do with impugning a judge's credibility. You and Moak must run in the same circles and believe that federal judges can be influenced by outside forces. That probably used to be true, but the folks that were buying and influencing judges (TEAM Scruggs) are all either still in jail, or just recently out but still convicted felons.

The rest of us believe that most all judges are honorable, no matter who appointed them. Wish you on your side of the table had the same faith in the system.