Monday, September 28, 2015

Phil Bryant Wants to Pick Your Legislator

The first round of General Election mail in this year's House races didn't come from a legislative campaign at all. Governor Phil Bryant has offered what appears to be a blanket endorsement of all Republicans running for the House.

Remarkably, these candidates from remote parts of the state all seem to have embraced the same education and business agendas.

Governor Bryant has a rocky history in the endorsement game. In 2013, Bryant endorsed Republican mayoral candidates in cities like Ocean Springs, Tupelo, Meridian, and Starkville; all of Bryant's candidates lost. Just this past summer, Bryant meddled in the special elections for mayor of Biloxi and the open First Congressional District seat. Once again, Bryant's preferred candidates were defeated. Yet, the copy and paste feature on the printing press at Republican headquarters seems to be operating as usual.

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redcreek said...

You gotta keep trying when so much $ is on the line. Bryant controls all the $ in MS, and he wants to make sure his friends get it.