Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What Did Gunn Say?

During yesterday's debate over the Initiative 42 alternative, House Speaker Philip Gunn interrupted the remarks of House Democratic Leader Bobby Moak and Rep. Steve Holland when these two mentioned that they heard speculation that the Speaker may have applied stronger-than-normal pressure upon Republicans to pass their bill. There were nearly a dozen Republicans who were prepared to defeat the alternative language. Only two Republicans ended up voting against the bill. Upset that no one can keep a secret, Gunn wanted to know from Moak and Holland who has been talking to the press and other members.

Here are the questions that we should be asking instead: what did Philip Gunn say to his fellow Republicans? Which members did Gunn, Greg Snowden, and House staff have contact with about this bill, and what was said during the conversation? Did the Speaker, in any way, shape, or form have contact with an individual or others to discuss funding opposition to fellow Republicans who voted no?

The Speaker claims to be a man of high integrity so for him to maintain that standard, he should come forward and explain what was said - or not said - to his caucus members prior to the vote. Gunn said his job as Speaker is to maintain decorum; here is his chance. The best way to get the story right is to get it from the source.

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