Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thad Cochran's attempt to gain black crossover votes has flopped

Sen. Thad Cochran made a much-discussed effort to sway African-American voters to vote for him in the GOP primary today. That effort appears to have failed miserably. 

I've gotten reports of light turnout across the state today in GOP boxes in African-American areas, so I decided to verify that for myself. Here's what I found:

In 2011, there were 173 Democratic primary voters at the Jackson Medical Mall, 0 GOP primary voters. As of 3:44 pm today, there were 52 Dem voters, 2 GOP. Not exactly in line with Thad's hopes. 

Down the road at Bishop Avenue Institutional AME, in 2011, there were 236 Democratic primary voters, and 0 GOP primary voters. At 3:59 pm today, there were 88 Dem primary voters, and 3 GOP voters. 

It appears as though Thad's crossover efforts in the black community fell absolutely flat. One has to wonder about the wisdom of that late-game maneuver in the face of racially-radicalized Mississippi Republican primary voters. 

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, Sad Cochran is not giving up completely on the idea. Politico is reporting that part of his runoff strategy is to attract white Democrat voters.

Please help me here. Is there really much of a difference between Piss McDaniel and Sad Cochran? Travis Childers is not my ideal candidate but electing him guarantees the Republicans don’t control the US Senate. Doesn’t that chance outweigh all other risks? Besides, can’t we count on Piss (and/or his wacky following) to do something crazy over the next five months of the general election to help us?

If I could vote in the Republican runoff, why wouldn’t I vote for Piss, not Sad? Am I missing something here?