Thursday, June 12, 2014

MDT Reminds Us There Are No Good Choices in MSGOP Primary

GOP Primary Offers No Good Option for Mississippi Children 
Mississippi Democratic Trust Press
June 12, 2014

On Thursday, Brandon Jones, Director of the Mississippi Democratic Trust, issued the following statement regarding the Mississippi Republican U.S. Senate Primary:

“The options for Mississippians planning to vote in the Republican Senate Primary are a man who has already proven that he will vote against our children and another man who promises he will.

“On one hand, there is an incumbent senator who has repeatedly voted against C.H.I.P., a program that provides health coverage to nearly 8 million children.  On the other hand, there is a challenger who promises to shut down the Department of Education.

“Pundits have called this race an embarrassment of riches for Mississippi Democrats.  The truth is this is simply an embarrassment for the state of Mississippi.

“Let there be no mistake, when it comes to public policies that give Mississippi children a head start in life, Cochran and McDaniel are both bad options.”



Cochran votes against C.H.I.P. Program: HR 976 (August 2, 2007); HR 976 (September 27, 2007); HR 3963 (November 1, 2007); and HR 2 (January 29, 2009);

McDaniel statement on DOE: Philip Elliott and Emily Wagster Pettus, Miss. Senate Race: McDaniel’s School Plan Targeted, AP (June 7, 2014).

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