Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chris McDaniel's radio show comments, poor choice of friends shake up the MSGOP Senate primary

National media began to run with old clips of Chris McDaniel's "The Right Side" radio program over the past week, and the stuff they've released isn't pretty.

Other media outlets began publishing the comments, and Thad Cochran's camp immediately piled on, emailing supporters links to those posts.  MSGOP Chairman Joe Nosef then made some comments on MSNBC about Chris McDaniel being the keynote speaker for an event put on by an avowed white supremacist.  That, in turn, lead the Mississippi Tea Party to demand Joe Nosef resign his chairmanship.  

Ain't this fun?


Lioness said...

Pass the popcorn!

Anonymous said...

There was a vendor that was in question that was added after McDaniel was

Was absolutely not put on by a white supremacist

Very false and irresponsible