Saturday, March 8, 2014

Repeat after me: M-I-Crooked Letter-Crooked Letter-I...

This week, The Club for Growth began doubling down their efforts in the race to buy Mississippi's Senate seat. An email that went out to its supporters in our state, suggested that Democratic candidate Travis Childers had no chance in the general election, and that McDaniel would breeze to victory if he can overcome Senator Cochran.

In the email, The Club for Growth's President Chris Chocola wrote:

"Dear  ____,

The Mississippi Senate race just got heated.

Not only is Thad Cochran up on air running ads that paint a rose colored glasses view of his SIX TERMS in office – but a pro-Cochran SuperPac has placed a major ad buy launching false and vicious attacks at Club-PAC endorsed Chris McDaniel.

With the June 3rd primary less than 3 months away – The. Race. Is. On.

And Chris McDaniel urgently needs your help! (link removed by Cottonmouth to spare you the click)

Mississippi is so firmly Republican that there is next to no chance Republicans lose this seat to Democrats.  It’s about as safe a Senate race for Republicans as you’ll find this cycle.

Which means there is absolutely NO reason why Missippians – or Americans – should have to settle for a Senator who boasts an anemic 67% on the Club for Growth’s Congressional Scorecard.  And with just a 56% in 2013 – Thad Cochran is actually getting worse!"

Chris Chocola, seemingly the new authority on Mississippi, gave Congressman Childers no shot, and then misspelled "Mississippians."

Perhaps he's about as much of an expert on Mississippi as he is word processing skills.

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Kingfish said...

Actually that is how real Mississippians pronounce it. Go to the rolling hills of the Delta or the backwoods of Amory and you will hear it commonly pronounced that way so maybe the Count has spent much time in this state and got it right.