Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chris McDaniel, race, and Dark Horse Mississippi

Around the time Sen. Chris McDaniel (R - Ellisville) announced his campaign against U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran (R - MS), a blog popped up entitled Dark Horse Mississippi.  DHM has kept the heat on McDaniel, with posts comparing McDaniel's actions towards a former law partner to Cassius's plot to kill Caesar and uncovering a bill written by McDaniel that would make it easier to plea bargain elderly abuse cases.  (Personally, I have no comment on either of those two issues, as I don't know the facts behind the intra-firm fracas and I understand McDaniel's purpose with the elderly abuse bill.)

DHM unloaded on Chris McDaniel over the weekend, though, with high lowlights from McDaniel's radio show.  I'd heard second-hand from national media that the real dirt on McDaniel was to be found on the show's radio archives, and that McDaniel's "Todd Akin moment" may have already happened.

The thought of digging around in the archives of "The Right Side Radio Show" looking for gold reminded me of the famous scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark:

Well DHM was undaunted by the Herculean task, and went digging through the virtual warehouse.  (The better analogy might be cleaning out the Aegean stables, but the horse$#!+ is still there after DHM finished.) And he (or perhaps she?) found some things.  Then DHM clipped them together and made a music video out of it:

DHM followed this up with another post concerning a law review article McDaniel wrote in 1997, which was focused on whether it was time to end Southern University's race-based scholarship programs.

DHM has done his/her homework, and is quickly developing a must-read blog.


david billings said...

Where are you Cottonmouth? We have Mims with his drug testing of poor people; MS being 51st in education. Need your comments! Miss you!

Matt Eichelberger said...

6 courts in 5 counties in 5 days have me tied up. But don't think we aren't watching!