Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Workers Comp Commissioner Junkin canned by Phil Bryant?

Has anyone heard anything about this?


Rogen Chhabra said...

Junkin wasn't really canned. He wasn't reappointed and it is historically not uncommon for a new Governor to appoint new commissioners as the old appointmentments expire (6year terms). I suspect both sides of the bar and probably all the Judges would agree that Commissioner Webb will be an excellent commissioner. Commissioner Webb has forgotten more about workers comp law than most of us will ever know. This is a new twist in that the past several commissioners, while bringing unique talents and perspectives to the table, have not had a lifetime devoted to workers comp like Commissiner Webb has. Webb has been a defense lawyer for decades now, and I would be surprised if you could find a plaintiffs lawyer to say anything bad about him. He's just one of those kinda guys. Great and fair choice by Bryant.

Matt Eichelberger said...

See folks? Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks for the info, Rogen.