Thursday, April 4, 2013

Joel Bomgar nomination goes down in flames. ***CORRECTED***

***CORRECTION*** - In the daze that has been the last week, I had it in my head that Joel Bomgar was Phil Bryant's choice for the Ed Board.  I was mistaken.  Bomgar's nomination belonged to Speaker Philip Gunn.

Bomgar was Gov. Phil Bryant's Speaker Philip Gunn's choice to join the State Board of Education.  Of course, in keeping with Bryant's out of touch, right-wing extremist nature, (I just flat goofed that) Bomgar was a product of home schooling himself and is pursuing that option for his children also.

You know it's bad when the vastly Republican Mississippi Senate thinks you're too far to the right.

For what it's worth, I hear that Bomgar is shopping for houses in the Gluckstadt area, and plans to make a run for the state House in 2015.

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