Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Republican leadership: "Vote for charter schools or lose your district"

During last year's redistricting battle, Governor Bryant and other Republicans admonished legislators that the "gentleman's agreement," that one chamber would not interfere with another chamber's redistricting maps, was a violation of a member's oath of office because it was improper to vote for one bill in exchange for a vote on another.  Count that among the many "principled" stands that have become suddenly inconvenient with Republicans in charge. 

Cottonmouth has received word from several House members that members are being told that they will jeopardize their chances of having a "good" district if they don't vote to pass the charter school bill.

A vote on House Bill 1152, a measure that was amended to include the "Mississippi Public Charter Schools Act of 2012" by Senator Gray Tollison (R-Oxford) earlier today, is likely to come up for a vote in the House on Thursday. 

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Kingfish said...

So what is the difference between that and a Superintendent telling his legislators to kill the bill or else "we will do to you what we did to Doug Davis"?