Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Of all of the onerous legislation the House has passed, HB 836 is one of the worst

HB 836, authored by former grocery store owner Rep. Jerry R. Turner (R - Baldwyn), the bill would essentially absolve retail establishments (like grocery stores) from any responsibility to keep customers safe.  The bill, given the forthright name of "The Landowner Protection Act", is covered in good detail over at Philip Thomas' excellent blog, Mississippi Litigation Review & Commentary.  Essentially, even if a store owner knows violent gangs hang out in his parking lot, he would be under no duty to warn or protect his customers from said gangs under HB 836.  This bill passed the Republican-controlled House.

Here's how they voted.

Interestingly enough, Turner now runs a trucking business under the same name as his old grocery store, using his House email account to take applications from drivers.

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