Friday, March 30, 2012

I found out what Education Chairman John Moore (R - Brandon) said so on state-funded SuperTalk radio yesterday morning. WOW.

Yesterday morning, I asked what I'd missed by not catching Rep. John Moore's interview on the Gallo Show.  Sure, Rep. Moore (R - Brandon) spent time asking listeners to the Gallo Show to work to unseat people who vote against Moore's beloved charter schools bill.  There's nothing odd or wrong about that.  It's what he said at the end of the interview with Paul Gallo that should curl your hair.

Paul Gallo: As far as the educational part, if we can't change this one little thing (creating charter schools), what the hell can we change? If we can't do this one little thing, if we can't get this one tool of the hundreds that we need, and the Department of Education and Dr. Burnham and their forces are this strong, do we give it up? 
House Education Committee Chairman John Moore (R - Brandon): Oh, absolutely not.  No, no, what you do is you ramp it up at that point. Uh, then you start picking it apart financially.  That's the next step. 
Gallo: Okay.  We'll see sho's gonna win this. We're going to be watching it. I'm glad your in that position, I'll say this. 
Moore: Well, thank you very much, Paul.  I ask the members out there to pray for me to have wisdom and to do the right thing.

I've got an idea, Chairman Moore.  Why don't you just ask yourself: What Would Richard Barrett Do?

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political observer said...

So if they can't allow charter schools to rape public education, they will just dismantle it? Moore comes from the CCC school of thought that education ruins a perfectly good farm hand.