Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rickey Cole calls for Kevin McGee to resign from House

In light of the news Rep. Kevin McGee (R-Brandon) has been ordered by the Mississippi Ethics Commission to repay $346,554.06 to the state and fined an additional $50,000 for violating the Constitution and Mississippi ethics laws, Rickey Cole released the following statement:

FEBRUARY 4, 2012

McGee should resign immediately

Jackson, MS - On Thursday, February 2, the Mississippi Ethics Commission issued a Final Order in its investigation of Rep. Kevin McGee (R-Brandon).  The Commission found that since taking office in January 2008, Rep. McGee entered into 259 illegal service contracts with the State of Mississippi.  As a result, Mr. McGee’s business improperly received over $428,000 in state funds. 

The state constitution and state ethics laws prohibit legislators from doing business with state government.  For his many violations of the constitution and statutes, Rep. McGee has been ordered to repay $346,554.06 to the state and an additional fine of $50,000.

Rickey Cole, Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Party said,  “In light of these revelations, the only appropriate response is for Representative McGee to resign his office immediately.”  Cole added, “Mississippi deserves responsible stewards in positions of public trust, not shameless self-dealers willing to abuse the public trust for personal gain.”

Continuing, Cole noted, “Since the November elections, we’ve had a Republican state representative caught taking money from his vulnerable aunt, a Republican mayor caught using his city’s budget as his own private expense account, and now another Republican representative caught making off with more than a quarter of a million dollars in taxpayer funds.”  Cole added, “It seems to me that instead of using their power to make life better for all Mississippians, Republicans have decided to abuse their power to make a fat profit for themselves.”



Mississippi Ethics Commission Final Order:$FILE/McGee%20final%20order.pdf?OpenElement


Anonymous said...

The only honorable thing to do here is for Representative McGee to apologize to his constituents, his state, and his colleagues, and submit his resignation.

Sadly, I doubt this man will do any of that, and probably has little honor or any moral-compass.

bill said...

I won't defend Rep. McGee without understanding the details of his particular case, because it appears from news reports that he is indeed guilty of ethics violations. There's a process wherein his colleagues can discipline him or expel him from the legislature, but maybe he'll resign to spare them that decision.

Rickey Cole, however, is painting all of us with a fairly broad brush. What does party affiliation have to do with individual behavior? Does Mr. Cole need to be reminded of Democrats who have strayed from the path? Does that mean that Democrats are all the same? It's a silly position to take, and the toll that statements like this will take on his credibility - and the credibility of the state party - will be quick and significant. Get ready, and your new group might be the only ones left to right the Democrat ship before long. Bill Billingsley

bill said...

Billy, you did fine in the first paragraph of your comment, but why did you feel the need to attack Rep. McGee on a personal level? Do you know him? Has your personal relationship with him brought you to the conclusion that he "probably has little honor or any moral-compass?" I am not acquainted with him, but virtually everyone I know who is disputes your character assassination. Again, your anti-Republican arguments will have much more credibility if you don't make everything so personal. Otherwise, your credibility will be sinking as fast as Rickey's...BB