Monday, January 30, 2012

Steve Holland on statesmanship

In an op-ed written for the Daily Journal, Rep. Steve Holland (D-Plantersville) offers some insight into his approach to life in the minority. It’s a great read from the Mississippi House’s preeminent storyteller and includes a brief rundown on some the more important policy achievements of his 29 years in the legislature.

Holland references his questionable committee assignments without malice and provides a good picture of statesmanship:
I’m putting hard feelings aside; I’m going to be the best minority member I can be.

I will not let anyone steal my passion, knowledge, and desire to see Mississippi prosper.

I’m a journeyman. I can take the lumps and bruises and emerge. That’s exactly what I plan to do with your continued help and support. Thanks for the opportunity.
Thank you, Chairman.


Anonymous said...

I certainly congratulate Representative Holland on his excellent service and tenure to the state. I wish he were still a member and involved with the various health committee's that he has served on, his experience and insight would continue to be invaluable and serve our citizens well. I do disagree with one point that he made, that being NOT to have run a Democrat for House Speaker, even for just the symbolism of it. We have a two party system for a reason, and being the loyal opposition, yes especially when in the minority, is an important aspect of our democracy. One party and one party rule is what they have in Iran and Cuba and China, and they can keep it there!

Polly said...

The strongest advocate I've seen for the sick, elderly, and the lest among us in my time working in and around the legislature. I've watched him confront some despicable people caught doing some despicable things and often wondered how bad off we'd have been without him.

DB said...

Through the years Steve Holland has helped thousands of people negotiate bureaucratic health processes, has opened doors for powerless citizens to get help for their loved ones, and has done it for not only his district, but throughout the whole state. While his wealth of knowledge will be missed inside the institution, the average person in this state will now not have such an advocate on health related issues. To sum up, Holland used his power to empower people who were in desperate need of it.

bill said...

Have I missed something? Is Holland resigning? Since when does being left off a committee mean that he still can't communicate his vast breadth of knowledge and experience to those who are on the committee? Unless he chooses to martyr himself and sit in the corner, Rep. Holland can still make his voice heard. He'll have plenty of opportunity for input if he's sincere in his desire to work with the majority, and if he's not then the Speaker won't have to worry about him putting good bills in his pocket. Bill Billingsley