Tuesday, January 24, 2012

House Education Chairman John Moore on why he doesn't want to teach kids about civil rights

As posted before, House Education Chairman John Moore (R-Brandon) has proposed legislation to discourage teaching Mississippi's children about civil rights.  Well, when asked why he would be opposed to, ya know, TEACHING ABOUT CIVIL RIGHTS IN MISSISSIPPI, he responded thusly:
“I just want to make sure it’s teaching the truth and facts and not being accusatory of one group of people or the other. I don’t want it to be somebody’s philosophical idea of what civil rights are."
That's the new House Education Chairman, folks.  Thanks, Speaker Gunn.

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Anonymous said...

I would never make the assumption that Representative John Moore of Brandon, Mississippi, knows, or has studied, or has received any formal education in any classroom or school or institution of higher learning, regarding anything to do with the American, and/or state of Mississippi, civil rights movement, era, and history. From what I have learned about this representative and his background, I assume that he is, for the most part, opposed to any and all formal education, specifically public education, for all citizens.