Friday, December 30, 2011

Rep. Greg Snowden (R-Meridian) to become House Speaker pro tempore; Rep. Jeff Smith (R-Columbus) and Rep. Herb Frierson (R-Poplarville) snubbed again

After the Republican conference in Rankin County several weeks ago to determine a Republican Speaker candidate, many assumed that one of the two strongest losing candidates, Rep. Jeff Smith (R-Columbus) and Rep. Herb Frierson (R-Poplarville), would get the nod for Speaker pro tempore. That's a logical assumption, seeing as Frierson reportedly lost to Gunn by one vote on the final ballot. Electing Frierson or Smith as pro tempore would presumably unify the thin Republican majority in the House, making it a much more solid voting bloc.

Well, that didn't happen. Rep. Greg Snowden (R-Meridian), who was not a candidate for Speaker, reportedly has been chosen by Gunn as his Speaker pro tempore candidate. I have no doubt that we will see supportive comments from both Frierson and Smith in the near future, but one has to wonder how they really feel about being shut out of the top two posts.

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