Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Most Self-Important Political Hack of 2011

Yesterday, Y’all Politics Editor Frank Corder posted a story titled “Top 20 Most Influential Mississippi Political Figures of 2011” with the subtitle “Let the discussion begin…” Two funny things: 1) Mr. Corder is ranked 14; and 2) there’s no opportunity for reader discussion as the post hasn’t made it to Y’all Politics’ Facebook page (the place you have to go to make comments on Y’all blog posts).

We were going to compile a list of ten somethings that were something in 2011 but have jettisoned that idea in light of the Y’all post. So please join Cottonmouth in congratulating the Most Self-Important Mississippi Political Hack of 2011, Mr. Frank Corder. As evidence of why this otherwise unemployed Pascagoula City Councilman is a perfect fit for this award, please see his work here and here. To visit Mr. Corder's high-powered consulting firm, visit here and here.

For laughs, click here.

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Kingfish said...

Almost as good as the JFP winning one of its "Best of"awards. ;-)