Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Charles "Chuck" Jordan wins Greenville mayoral race

Just received word that Chuck Jordan, a well-known retired banker, received 3,890 votes in yesterday's Greenville mayoral election, with Vice Mayor Carl McGee garnering 2,168. McGee is finishing up 8 years on the Greenville City Council.

Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Leslie King will swear Jordan in on January 3, 2012.


HerbyN said...

Congratulations Chuck. Chuck was my grandma's banker for over 30 years... she swore by his honesty and loyalty and compassion. Greenville is lucky to have him leading the city.

economic empowerment said...

douglas winston: He was the president of planters bank in Greenville and how many blacks have you seen in positions of power in planters bank to loan money or make lending decisions. If you walk in any bank in Greenville you would think that Greenville was 70% white. This is the existing of the still plantation mind set where white people still make all the decisions that control our economic destiny. Mr. Jordan has been buying support of your so call leaders that have challenged credit for years. You cannot be objective if the man has allowed you to borrow money not based on the 4 c's. Anyone that’s involved in politics in the south understands that republicans run as independents to confuse blacks that are not active in politics.